Winter Is Coming And Is Your Subaru Ready?

Subaru is well-known among Springfield, OH drivers for unmatched performance in snowy weather and with winter right around the corner be sure to make sure your Subaru is ready with a stop at the service center here at Wagner Subaru.

Winter brings a number of challenging conditions that include heavy snow and freezing rain. One of the most important services you can do to ensure your new Subaru is ready for everything is to have your summer tires swapped over for snow tires. Snow tires are made from softer rubber that is better in colder temperatures. Snow tires also have deeper treads that provide better traction in the snow. Some drivers may have all season tires, which you will want to have rotated to ensure even wear.

Other services you may want to be preformed before winter really gets going include having your battery checked, oil changed, all exterior lights checked, and new wiper blades. Stop by the service center here at Wagner Subaru today for all your service needs. And while you are here be sure to check out the new Subaru Ascent and Forester!

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