When actualizing an adventurous spirit in the 21st century, groundbreaking technology is an invaluable asset. Contemporary electronics have the unique ability to elevate anyone's traveling experience. Thus, the Subaru WRX leads the pack with truly exceptional onboard equipment. Innovative gadgetry has made this sports car one of the most highly sought rides in Dayton.

The legendary Recaro® Performance Seats cultivate a chic cockpit with comfy ergonomic designs that blend futuristic appeal with tastefully understated sophistication. With this intelligent tech, your operational positioning can be intricately customized using the fine-tuned eight-way power settings that are built into the driver's chair.

STI owners around Springfield and Beavercreek are privileged to enjoy the exclusive Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD), which induces ultra-smooth response cycles by electronically adjusting the torque load via a digital input. The incorporation of Torsen® rear differentials optimizes distribution while eliminating any potential for traction loss.

Another STI-only offering comes in the form of a sharp 13:3:1 steering ratio that facilitates quick reaction rates alongside an immersive feel for the road. The remarkable precision maximizes handling and enshrines top-notch feedback in real-time. This extraordinary accuracy is certain to delight drivers familiar with Springfield or Beavercreek streets.

Additional safety assurances are garnered by the dual availability of EyeSight® and Automatic Pre-Collision Braking. Thanks to these add-ons, your car can use sensors that keep an eye on surrounding conditions to max out cruise control while still being able to stop in the face of an emergency. Premium and Limited editions are privy to these revolutionary features, and their development coincides with a significant reduction in rear-end collisions.

Premium sound quality is provided with extreme clarity via the preeminent Harman Kardon audio system. The dynamic listening sensations are downright posh, and the formidable speakers brilliantly accentuate the standard SUBARU STARLINK® Multimedia. The versatile touchscreen is configured to handle both Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, so the vast majority of mobile devices are covered. Owners can also opt to accept an extended SiriusXM® All Access Radio subscription.

To observe the latest strides in automobile electronics, simply swing by Wagner Subaru in Fairborn OH to explore all Subaru WRX's possibilities.

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