Subaru has a long-standing reputation of impressive quality and ability to reach the 200,000-mile mark. However, to cover endless miles of adventure you will need to bring your Subaru to Wagner Subaru for service and one very important service is routine oil changes. How often do Dayton drivers need to change their oil?

Many Beavercreek drivers go by the old rule of thumb for oil changes, ever 3,000 miles. But with more efficient engines and new synthetic motor oil you can go much further before needing to have your oil changed. Subaru engineers recommend that you have your oil changed roughly every 6-8,000-miles. This will depend on your driving habits and the type of oil that your Subaru requires. High-performance engines, like those powering the WRX and BRZ, will need to have their oil changed more regularly to ensure high-quality performance. Or if you are commuting to work and are also not racking up a lot of miles each week you can most likely go 8,000-miles before a change.

Clean motor oil is vital to your engine performance and life of your Subaru. Regular oil changes will prevent dirt from building up in the engine and keep the moving components moving smoothly for ideal power and fuel efficiency. When your engine oil isn't clean your engine has to work harder to supply power and will use more fuel. The bigger risk of not regularly changing your oil is the friction that will be created from the dirt building up in the engine. Over time the different parts will heat up and warp. This will eventually lead to your engine seize and a very costly repair.

Give the service center here at Wagner Subaru a call today to arrange a time to bring your Subaru in for an oil change.