Buying vs. Leasing: Which is Right for You?

Here at Wagner Subaru we know that each person has a diverse taste. This not only affects the type of new Subaru vehicle they want, but also how they want to finance it. When it comes to buying or leasing, people often wonder which is best for them, and the answer depends on several factors. We want to make this decision easier for drivers in Fairborn, OH and the greater Dayton area. We want you to be informed about your car financing options and feel confident in your decision, so we created this guide.

Buying a new Subaru

  • When you decide to buy a vehicle, you can either pay it off that day or do a down payment, but most people choose to do a down payment. You also have to pay taxes, lender charges, insurance, a security deposit, and a first monthly payment.
  • When you buy a new Subaru, your monthly payments will be higher because you're paying for the value of the entire car. At the end of the loan, or when the vehicle is paid off, your Subaru is all yours!
  • When you buy a Subaru it'll one day be yours, which means you can rack up the miles as you see fit. If you're someone who goes on frequent trips or has a long commute/travels a lot for work, buying is an appealing and worry-free option. 
  • Any wear and tear on the Subaru is covered by your warranty for as long as that warranty is valid. It's up to you to repair it, and we highly recommend that you do so!

Leasing a new Subaru

  • For those who choose to lease, you agree to pay a monthly payment until the lease ends. At the end of the lease term, you have the option to enter a new lease, return the vehicle you are leasing, or buy the vehicle you have been leasing.
  • When you lease a vehicle, you are paying for a portion of the vehicle's value. A lease will always have a lower monthly payment than a purchase because you're only paying for a portion of the car.
  • At the start of the lease you pay for the first month, insurance, security deposit, and government or lessor charge.
  • There is a mileage restriction when you lease a car, and you will be charged for going over that set amount of miles. This can appear in the form of additional charges, including an increase in the monthly payment. 
  • You're required to repair any damage to the leased vehicle and it is important to visit the Subaru service center regularly for maintenance.

If you have any other additional questions, contact us here at Wagner Subaru and we'd be happy to answer them for you.

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