New Subaru Legacy in Fairborn, OH

The New Subaru Legacy for Sale in the Dayton Area

Here at Wagner Subaru, the Subaru Legacy is one of the most popular midsize sedans. Our customers report appreciating the vehicle's fuel efficiency, its value and its overall stability, balance, and safety.


With an interior volume of 105.5 cubic feet, the new Subaru Legacy offers more cabin room for the driver and passengers than other midsize sedans. Subaru intends each new make of the Legacy to be even more comfortable and roomier than the previous make. Subaru is always stretching itself to make you feel great in your car. Backseat passengers even get a sizable 39.5 inches of legroom.

The driver's seat has 10 adjustable settings including a memory function that allows different drivers to have the seat set for them exactly as they want before driving. A single button moves the seat or adjusts the seat's height whenever you need a change while driving. The new Subaru Legacy has also been redesigned recently to ensure the quietest cabin possible. The steering wheel and front and rear seats available with a heated function.


All models of the Subaru Legacy include all-wheel drive. The Legacy uses a specific all-wheel drive system, the Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive that distributes power in a way that gives you as much traction as possible. It keeps your car balanced and makes you able to drive in a wide variety of weather conditions and terrains.

Beavercreek drivers can upgrade from the standard Subaru sedan engine if you so choose. The Subaru BOXER engine gives you 260 horsepower and is capable of 277 pound-feet of torque. This gives you a more powerful ride all while feeling in control of your vehicle. This engine upgrade is part of the Touring XT which also adds extra comfort and technological features beyond the standard Subaru Legacy.

Subaru Safety

The Subaru Legacy is especially known for its safety features that exceed the norms of midsize sedans:

  • EyeSight Driver Assist technology sends you automatic alerts if you're at risk of swerving into the wrong lane.
  • Brakes detect an emergency situation and self-activate when necessary to avoid a collision.
  • Cruise control helps control the Subaru Legacy when the trip is long and the road is monotonous.
  • All safety features work together to make up for short periods of failing alertness so as to warn you and get your attention back on the road.
  • The Distraction Mitigation System recognizes the driving habits and preferences of up to five drivers to know when it needs to send an alert to each driver.

LED headlights adjust to the light to ensure that your car is always visible to the other vehicles on the road, regardless of strong sun, extreme darkness or any brightness level in between.

Some models include Reverse Automatic Braking to activate the brakes automatically if the vehicle sensor picks up an object behind the car when no other vehicles are too close enough to make a stop unsafe.


Many of the above Subaru Legacy features sync with compatible iPhones and Android SmartPhones. This means that you can see what's going on in various parts of your vehicle through the console or see driving directions. The safety features can send alerts to and through your phone.

You can start your vehicle at a distance using your phone to either adjust the temperature before driving or to find your car if you're in a busy parking lot. You can also use your phone to lock, unlock or check to make sure the doors are locked.

Test Drive the New Subaru Legacy in Fairborn, OH

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