Details on the Subaru WRX

The Subaru WRX is Worth a Double Take

The new Subaru WRX is an exciting sports sedan, with what is considered some of the best handling in a sedan currently on the market - or at least, that's what Subaru will tell you. Here at Wagner Subaru near Dayton, we deal in facts, so we've compiled an in-depth look at this new vehicle.

WRX Interior

The WRX's interior comes in four basic upholstery styles, each some combination of black and red. The interior comes in a variety of fabrics. Springfield and Beavercreek drivers can choose between the basic cloth, carbon leather, and Ultrasuede, a synthetic microfiber cloth.

The interior features a seating capacity of five, and a 12.0 cubic foot trunk, which guarantees a pretty substantial amount of cargo space. The interior also features a moon-roof, which floods the WRX's interior with light from outside. Altogether, this sedan feels and looks fairly spacious.

WRX Exterior

The WRX comes in seven different shades, from bright red to a deep pearly blue. The sporty design of this vehicle is streamlined for aesthetic effect, resulting in a design that stands out from the crowd in a subtle way.

The WRX features lightweight 19-inch wheels, and its already substantial cargo space is enhanced with a versatile roof rack brackets.

WRX Technology

The WRX's technology is fairly advanced and designed for both safety and comfort. Its safety technology includes EyeSight Driver Assist, which is designed to ensure driver awareness is at a maximum level at all times. This technology monitors surrounding traffic and helps to perfect cruise control, and includes lane-keeping capabilities. In emergencies, the automatic pre-collision brakes can kick in and prevent accidents in case you were too slow to respond.

The WRX takes comfort and entertainment into account as well, with the Harman Kardon audio system. A quality class-D amplifier can pump out up to 440 watts of power, resulting in a sound system to match the WRX's performance. With nine speakers altogether, the WRX outperforms many other sedans when it comes to audio. The WRX rounds out its entertainment technology with the Subaru Starlink Multimedia Platform, which makes connectivity a priority with Android Auto, Apple Carplay, and SiriusXM All-Access Radio. Hands-free controls and wireless connectivity makes hooking up your devices and playing your favorite music easy.


The WRX's performance features are another thing to be aware of with this vehicle. The turbocharged Subaru Boxer engine ensures your vehicle will be as powerful as you need it to be, offering up to 310 horsepower. Its 290 pound-feet of torque also ensure powerful acceleration capabilities.

The WRX also has some impressive brakes, with six-piston and two-piston mono-block calipers in the front and rear, respectively. These brakes are standard on all models of the WRX STI.

Trim Levels

The Subaru WRX comes in five trim levels.


The base model of the WRX comes with essential features like a powerful engine and brake assist. Smart safety features are still incorporated into this vehicle, which will handle and drive like you want it to.


The premium WRX experience brings a six-way manual driver's seat, automatic headlights, the Starlink Multimedia System, and available heated seats in the front.


A ten-way manual driver's seat makes the cockpit that much more adjustable. LED headlights and fog lights will make visibility easy. Keyless access and leather-trimmed upholstery make this WRX experience that much more luxurious.


The STI totes Subaru's Intelligent Drive with it, sports-tuned independent suspension, and an automated dual-zone climate control system.

STI Limited

The STI Limited includes every feature you've read about here in a luxurious package. The Starlink Navigation System and Harman Kardon speakers cement this trim level as the height of WRX luxury.

Research the WRX in person

You won't be able to fully appreciate the Subaru WRX until you experience it from the driver's seat, so do just that. Visit us here at Wagner Subaru in Fairborn OH for a test-drive. We're happy to show you just how much fun the Subaru WRX is to drive.