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Wagner Subaru's Vast Subaru OEM Parts Supply Near Fairborn, OH

There's one thing a reliable dealership must have in its stable - a fully stocked, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts supply to draw from. And given Subaru Forester's meant-to-last design, Genuine Subaru Parts are a must to further vitality and life in a Subaru Certified Pre-Owned model.

At Wagner Subaru, the Dayton client is afforded all those OEM parts when a repair is required or during routine servicing. So, whether you're a do-it-yourself type and ordering parts, or prefer the expertise of Wagner Subaru technicians, OEM parts are here.

Does Wagner Subaru Only Install OEM Parts in my Subaru Ascent?

It's best practice to only use OEM parts as related to Subaru sedans, SUVs, coupes and hatchbacks. These parts were specifically designed by Subaru for new and used Subaru models, thereby utilizing the same parts as when your Subaru Legacy was built.

As well, being an authorized Subaru dealer, work performed at Wagner Subaru doesn't invalidate the hallowed Subaru warranty. This permits use of aftermarket parts identical to OEM parts when the need arises.

What's the Difference Between OEM Parts and Aftermarket Parts?

OEM parts are either produced by Subaru, or have been officially authorized by Subaru. Though when you take your Subaru SUV to a generic, Springfield quick-service center, aftermarket parts disguised as OEM parts may be installed.

As a brand, Subaru strongly urges clientele to use only OEM parts when possible. A process otherwise may invalidate your Subaru warranty. It also could hinder peak performance and, most importantly, safety. You'll never want a brake caliper meant for another brand to be installed on your prized Subaru coupe. It may spell disaster, or at least a speedy cascade to other systems and parts breaking down in due order.

At Wagner Subaru, the Beavercreek Subaru client need not worry about a repair or maintenance procedure. It's done right, with proper OEM or other Subaru-authorized parts.

How Do I Know When My Subaru WRX Needs Maintenance?

As a Subaru owner, you're afforded certain tools enhancing the Subaru experience. One such convenient process is the online Maintenance Schedule Lookup tool. By supplying Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or other pertinent vehicle details, you'll learn when and what should be serviced according to suggested factory dates and mileage intervals.

Then, make an appointment online or stop by Wagner Subaru's Express Service department. Technicians may also reference VIN and mileage to determine which vehicle system or parts complement should be inspected.

What is Wagner Subaru Express Service?

Subaru Express Service has been created to afford the Subaru client convenience what it comes to regular servicing and minor maintenance. This engenders oil changes, multi-point inspections and tire rotations to servicing meant to get your Subaru Crosstrek back on the road quickly.

Other Express Service procedures include cabin and engine air filter replacement, vehicle battery servicing, tire-pressure adjustments and tread inspection, wiper-blade installation, fluids topped off and light bulb replacements.

With Subaru factory-trained teams facilitating the work, should there be something amiss, you'll be apprised of the situation and what will remedy the issue. If it's something more detailed and involved, you're assured of OEM parts used during convenient Wagner Subaru service department hours.

What are Genuine Subaru Accessories?

Like Genuine Subaru Parts, Genuine Subaru Accessories have been designed, engineered and tested for your specific Subaru model. With this sense of precision, there are roof racks and cargo containers to employ. Bike and kayak racks and myriad other accessories have been crafted for all Subaru models, while installed by Wagner Subaru technicians.

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When suspecting a maintenance date or repair, visit our local Dayton Subaru Express Service department .