Value Your Trade at Wagner Subaru in Fairborn, OH

There's a lot that goes into successfully buying or leasing your next new Subaru or used car here in the Dayton, OH area. Knowing what kind of vehicle you need for your Springfield and Beavercreek area travels is paramount, while the budget you're shopping with is equally important. But a huge factor, and one that has a lot of benefits for the shopper, is the value of your trade-in, which not only lowers the total cost of your next ride but does so in a few clever ways. To get started, value your trade using this easy online form, and from there we'll arrange a quick yet thorough appraisal at the service center featured at our Fairborn, OH Subaru dealership. Should you accept the offer we make you for your outgoing ride, we'll then apply that value on your next new Subaru or used car lease or loan deal.

Maximize Your Trade-In Value by Keeping Your Car in Its Best Shape

Getting the most out of your trade-in begins well before you're looking for an upgrade. Even with a high-quality and long-lasting vehicle like any Subaru you drive around the Dayton area, keeping up on your specific model's maintenance schedule with regular oil changes, tire rotations, inspections and other checkups is the way to go. For our service center here in Fairborn, we'll handle all kinds of maintenance and repairs, replacing anything important with Genuine Subaru Parts as needed, and furthermore, our expert technicians will give you guidance and advice for how to keep your ride in its best shape. Even for non-Subaru models, sticking to a regular maintenance schedule and staying on top of any necessary repairs, as well as keeping your car clean inside and out, will go a long way toward maximizing its trade-in value.

Wagner Subaru Makes the Trade-In Process Easier Than Ever

When trading in your older car to use as extra value back for your next new Subaru or pre-owned lease or purchase, you'll appreciate how quickly we get you going. First of all, the trade-in evaluator form you'll fill out right here online is quick and easy. You'll fill out the fields with important information regarding your car's make, model, model year, mileage, engine type, body style and give us an idea of its overall condition. From there, we'll arrange a quick yet thorough appraisal that takes place right here in Fairborn at our service center. After going through our appraisal, with the expert opinions of our certified Subaru techs and by using Kelley Blue Book market values, we'll tell you what we're offering for your trade-in's value. From there, you can accept our fair offer, and we'll then apply that toward your next new Subaru lease or used car loan, or you can walk away and try to sell your older vehicle elsewhere.

Discover Added Value From Your Trade-In

The benefits of using your older vehicle with trade-in value are pretty obvious up front: whatever you earn back for your outgoing ride will lower the cost of your next car. But it's how your trade-in lowers the cost of your next new Subaru or used car that really has a significant impact. Whatever your trade-in earns you, we'll help you finance your next vehicle at that lower cost, which leads to you paying less in interest over the term of your car loan. Additionally, you'll only pay sales taxes based on the difference between your next new Subaru or used car and the value of your trade-in. By lowering the amount of interest and sales taxes you pay, you're decreasing those pesky extra costs that tend to add up with any vehicle purchase.

See how easy it is to trade in your older car here at Wagner Subaru by filling out this form today and heading over soon.