Glen Helen Nature Preserve, Our Partners

What is Glen Helen?

Glen Helen is a private nature preserve and nonprofit organization immediately east of Yellow Springs, Ohio. It is generously supported by members and donors.

The preserve has 1,000 acres of green space and 20 miles of footpaths. Visitors of Glen Helen can view wildflowers, 400 year-old trees, limestone cliffs with waterfalls and overhangs, and the beautiful yellow spring for which the nearby town is named. It's a nature enthusiast's paradise!

The staff at Glen Helen's Outdoor Education Center is committed to teaching children and adults about the natural world through environmental programs. These programs help individuals become aware of environmental problems and how we can solve them.

Glen Helen Nature Preserve
405 Corry St.
Yellow Springs, OH 45387


What does Glen Helen do?

Glen Helen provides environmental education to children and adults. It has been a meeting place for members of the community, various Scout groups, gardeners, birders, CC runners, and for those who need a place of natural beauty to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

Glen Helen promotes and protects native species maintenance, reduces human impact on the ecosystem, and educates the community about the importance of protecting and preserving natural resources.

How can you help Wagner Subaru Loves Earth?

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